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Learn how to improve your pronunciation so that you feel confident when speaking Dutch.

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Course Summary

Do you feel misunderstood when you speak Dutch in public?
Do native speakers switch to English when you try to speak Dutch?

This mini-course gives you tips and resources on how to improve your Dutch pronunciation so that you feel confident speaking Dutch in public.

Hi! I am Vivian!

I help English-speaking expats to speak Dutch, so that they go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident in daily Dutch situations. 

As a certified teacher and a native speaker, I love seeing my students improve their Dutch language skills and gain confidence. 

Do you have any questions about the free course? Just send me an email! 

✓ Tips
✓ Resources
✓ Cheat sheet
✓ Videos

This course is completely self-paced!
Watch the videos and do the exercises whenever and wherever you want.

BONUS: 2 complete modules about the UI and UU/U sound
including 'how to pronounce videos' and multiple exercises

Course Curriculum

"Learning a new language is becoming a member of a club - the community of speakers of that language." 



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