Hi, I'm Vivian.

Your Dutch teacher who helps you speak confidently in The Netherlands

Hi, I'm Vivian.

Your Dutch teacher who helps you speak confidently in The Netherlands

I want to make learning as fun and easy as possible

Because that’s what keeps you motivated and is the key to success! During my teacher study, I gained a lot of knowledge about learning strategies, which I combined with how I learn new languages myself. The best way is to prepare yourself for real situations by listening to translations, learning the grammar and vocabulary you need, making a format, and practicing. If you keep doing that and make your goals small, you will continue having fun learning.

My ABCD strategy is based on that vision.
It contains the four phases you need to learn Dutch successfully.

self-study, personal feedback and a community

I strongly believe in the combination of these 3 types of studying. Each form has pros and cons on its own, but by combining them, you get the best of three worlds. This way, you can learn Dutch at your pace in a streamlined, flexible and structured way.

How I became a Dutch teacher who helps expats

I have been a certified teacher since 2015 and have helped many students since. During my first job after graduating, I helped students to get their ‘inburgeringsdiploma’ (integration diploma) and coached colleagues. At the same time, I started working at DUO as an assessor of the integration exam. With all this experience, I was determined to make more impact and help expats feel at home in the Netherlands. And so I started Vivo Dutch in 2020. Since then, I have helped more than 2737 students to speak Dutch with confidence.

What else is there to know about me?

✦ I was born and raised in the south of the Netherlands (in Limburg) and moved to Eindhoven when I was 18.
✦ I speak the regional language of Limburg, too. But don't worry, we'll stick to learning Dutch during our sessions!
✦ I have over 40 plants in my apartment, and I love propagating them.
✦ When I started as a Dutch teacher, my students were 18-23 years old, and I was only 22.
✦ I love the Spanish culture and language, and I hope to work from Spain someday! 

What students say

"Vivian was and is always helpful. She managed to clear all of my confusion and helped me improve my Dutch a lot! Her explanations and help have made a huge difference to me!"
- Dahlia Sherif
"The exercises and feedback help a lot, and Vivian is a great teacher!"
- Tehani Amarasuriya
"Thank you, Vivian! I have passed my exams! Take her courses now!"
- Katherine Martinez
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